2013 Workshops are Coming Up!

Kathy Gore-Fuss Workshops

Gelatin Printing during the Artist Book Making Workshop, September 2012.

The winter rains are upon us and what better time to get started on planning my 2013 workshops. This is the second year I will offer a variety of workshops through my studio that will delight, challenge and expand anyone’s skill set and interests. April offers an artist book making workshop with Randi Parkhurst and MalPina Chan as instructors. In November, I‘ll be having a studio sale along with 4 other talented artists who will be showing with me (Randi Parkhurst, MalPina Chan, Jenifer Thatcher and Hart James).  And last but not least, Helen O’Toole (University of Washington professor) will be teaching a week long oil painting workshop on abstraction at the end of July. This year’s workshops have been a huge success and I am looking forward to helping more students connect with their creative practices for the upcoming year. I am also offering an ongoing figure drawing group on Wednesday evenings. If you are interested in attending, contact me at: kathy@kathygorefuss.com

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